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We are an online only store where you will find a   LIMITED   product line of the very best products for your parrot.

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I have been in the parrot world for over 20 years. Educated by getting to know products, health, how our birds respond and which products work well and are consistent. I have learned directly from the manufacturers as well as followed their protocols in order to determine usefulness and pricing. I am and have been a vendor (since 2009) and locally as well. I source the best places to shop and bring them to you. If you shop on Amazon you will no longer find some products as the manufacturers are reluctant to low-ball pricing of their products. have been in the parrot world for over 20 years. usefulness and pricing.

 I do not have a brick and mortar store as that is what causes prices to be so high. As time goes on, I will try to reduce shipping costs. Currently, I keep the actual cost of my products as low as possible. 

Doing business with The Classy Parrot is a lifesaver. I always get more information each time we connect. 

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About Us

Elise N


 I am the founder of two parrot clubs; Parrot Society of the Palm Beaches (Florida) and Mountain View Parrot Society of NC (North Carolina). I fully support the following organizations: Long Island Parrot Society, Bird Gardens of Naples, and of course the two clubs I founded.

Whether you buy from me or not, I’m available to help you! Do you need to choose the best cage for your bird; need advise on foods or help convert your parrot to pellets or other food. Just ASK!

I can also get you other items not shown on the site, for example if you need Zupreem AND Harrisons, send me an email.

I hope you do not think I am egotistical with all the "I" words, as people who know me know that I am always available to help, not in it for the money.